Cogl Path - a library for constructing and drawing 2D paths.

About Cogl Path
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About Cogl Path

Cogl Path is a small library which provides a tesselator for constructing and drawing 2D paths.

There are two levels on which cogl-path can be used. The highest level functions construct various simple primitive shapes to be either filled or stroked, such as rectangles, elipses and polygons. Using a lower-level set of functions more complex and arbitrary paths can be constructed by concatenating straight line, bezier curve and arc segments.

When constructing arbitrary paths, the current pen location is initialized using the move_to command. The subsequent path segments implicitly use the last pen location as their first vertex and move the pen location to the last vertex they produce at the end. Also there are special versions of functions that allow specifying the vertices of the path segments relative to the last pen location rather then in the absolute coordinates.